Knock Monitor Pro V3

Knock Monitor Pro V2
Highly reliable and accurate knock detection system

  • Real-time display Knock vs RPM vs Boost vs AFR*
  • Fully configurable
  • Live knock display + live audio
  • Audible alert
  • Records sound and data logs
  • Extremely sharp frequency filtration
  • Ability to replay and review
  • Road-Dyno abilities
  • Easy to use

FrostByte Meth Controller

knock controller
Fully Progressive Water-Methanol Injection

  • 3D table for MAP vs RPM vs Meth flow
  • Injector Duty Cycle follower and multiplier
  • Pulse fast acting valves
  • Pump pulse control
  • Failsafe on low level or low pressure
  • Independent map sensor supported
  • Fully progressive linear system
  • Datalog with graphing abilities

Knock Control Unit

knock controller
Responsive knock control

  • Bore size configurable
  • Works with HTS, Neptune and after market ECUs
  • Live knock display
  • Automatic threshold
  • Memorized knock zones
  • Extremely sharp frequency filtration
  • MAP/TPS threshold configurable
  • Sensitivity configurable
  • Easy to use

Traction Control

Traction Control

  • Control traction using slip, speed and RPM data points
  • Works with any distributor EFI based system
  • Performance stats (60 ft, 1/4 mile)
  • Shift light output based on rpm & vehicle speed
  • Drag RPM hold mode
  • Minimum RPM configurable
  • Use spark cut or ignition retard, or both
  • Fully configurable

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