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Knock Monitor Pro V4

Knock Monitor Pro V4

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Highly Reliable and Accurate Knock Detection

Knock Monitor Pro V4 –Advanced knock detection. Packed with stand-alone capabilities and versatile display options, this compact device offers unbeatable features at a competitive price. The vivid 3.2-inch touch display, housed in CNC machined aluminum, ensures convenient and robust device. Switch effortlessly between display modes, optimizing your tuning experience. From waveform-view to Knock vs RPM vs MAP, Knock Monitor Pro V4 delivers innovation and precision in a visually striking, functional package.

Whether you are learning to tune or you are already a professional, give yourself and customers the peace of mind that the tune is safe.

We guide new users on how to use the device effectively.

Knock Monitor Pro V4 Features

  • 3.2" Touch-Screen LCD
  • Audio Record & Playback on Device
  • Standalone Knock Detection
  • RPM | Knock | MAP / AFR / EGT input
  • Knock Windowing
  • Cylinder Knock Count
  • Knock Frequency by Bore Size
  • Optional Screen Flashes Alert
  • Upper harmonics (2x Hz) mode
  • 3 Knock Views (Wave, RPM, Load)
  • Auto & Custom Knock Threshold
  • 64GB Device Storage
  • Sample Recordings & Logs
  • Industry M12 Connector
  • Map Sensor input
  • Analog Output To Dyno or ECU
  • Carrying Case
  • Billet Aluminum Frame
  • Windows Software
  • Dual Channel Knock Detection *
  • Overlay EGT, AFR or MAP in log
  • Future Firmware Updates Possible

* Elite+ carries two knock sensors.

* Elite+ now has IPS quality display.

User Manual

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