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Honda K20C Direct Port Meth Injection System (complete)

Honda K20C Direct Port Meth Injection System (complete)

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Honda K20C Direct Port Meth Injection System

WARNING: The following product is for off-road and race applications only!


Fully Progressive Water-Methanol Injection System with Display

  • Used to support over 500WHP as an auxiliary fuel source when coupled with suitable supporting parts.
  • Latest technology (pump, nozzles, solenoids, controller)
  • FrostByte V3 Controller  + LCD Display
  • MAF and 3D Table based
  • Control fast acting valves or port fuel Injector (PWM)
  • Pump pulse control
  • Failsafe cuts boost on low level or low pressure situations
  • Independent map sensor supported
  • Fully progressive system
  • Easily extract up to 30% more power on low octane fuels




  • Tank
  • Lines
  • Pump
  • Solenoid
  • Controller + Display
  • Distribution block
  • 4x 3AN lines
  • 4x nozzle holders
  • 4x nozzles
  • Aluminum direct port plate


General tuning guide is given to all customers specific to their application

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