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TN VR Converter

TN VR Converter

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VR Converter for Enhanced Sensor Compatibility

Introducing our VR Converter designed to enhance compatibility between alternating current VR sensors and specific Engine Control Units (ECUs) that require a 5-Volt square wave signal for accurate sensor data interpretation. This versatile converter allows seamless integration with various vehicle sensors, ensuring optimal performance and precise data reading for a range of applications.

Key Features:

  • Dual VR Input Channels: With two VR input channels, the converter provides the flexibility to connect 2 sensors simultaneously and providing a 5V square wave that virtually all aftermarket ECUs support.

  • Enhanced Compatibility: With as little as 45mv up to 200v our converter has smooth interpretation of VR input signal.

  • Multi-Sensor Support: The VR Converter accommodates a variety of sensor types, including:

    • ABS Speed Sensor (Traction Control): Ensure your vehicle's traction control system receives accurate speed data for enhanced safety.
    • Crankshaft Sensor: Capture and transmit crankshaft position data seamlessly to achieve precise engine control.
    • Cam Sensor: Enable precise timing and synchronization for improved engine performance.

Whether you're looking to fine-tune your vehicle's traction control, achieve superior engine control, or enhance overall performance, our VR Converter offers a reliable solution to bridge the gap between VR sensors and square wave signal requirements. Experience smoother communication, accurate data reading, and optimized vehicle performance with our VR Converter.

Upgrade your vehicle's capabilities today. Order our VR Converter and take your sensor compatibility to the next level.

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