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Inline Fuel Petrol Filter 100 Micron Cleanable 6AN 8AN 10AN

Inline Fuel Petrol Filter 100 Micron Cleanable 6AN 8AN 10AN

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  • 100 Micron Filtration Capability: Our filter is equipped with a 100-micron stainless steel filter element, ensuring only the cleanest fuel reaches your engine. This fine mesh is adept at capturing small particles, preventing clogging and ensuring consistent fuel flow.

  • High-Quality Billet Aluminum Construction: Crafted from 50mm billet aluminum, this filter is not only lightweight but also exceptionally durable. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand high-pressure fuel systems and the rigors of daily use.

  • Universal Compatibility with AN Fittings: The package includes 2X 6AN, 8AN, and 10AN adapters, making this filter versatile for a wide range of applications. These adapters allow for easy installation in different fuel lines, ensuring compatibility with various vehicle models.

  • Cleanable and Reusable Design: Our fuel filter is designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning. This not only makes it environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, as you can reuse the filter multiple times without needing a replacement.

  • Optimized for Performance Vehicles: Ideal for racing cars, modified street vehicles, and other performance applications, this filter ensures a high level of fuel purity, which is critical for achieving optimal engine performance and efficiency.

  • Compact and Efficient: With its compact 50mm size, this filter can be easily installed in tight engine spaces, providing efficient filtration without compromising on space.


This Inline Fuel Petrol Filter is suitable for a wide range of applications including street performance vehicles, racing cars, and any other petrol engine vehicle requiring high-quality fuel filtration.

Upgrade your vehicle's fuel system with our Inline Fuel Petrol Filter and ensure your engine runs smoothly with clean, uncontaminated fuel.

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