About Knock Monitor Pro V3

Advanced Knock Detection

Why spend a fortune on knock detection hardware when you can have this instead?

See it in action 

Your customer would have additional peace of mind when they see you pull out a tool like this.

We know how important knock detection is, and we also know how expensive the tools can be. This is why we created Knock Monitor Pro!

Customizable to four different packages (STD, STD +, Elite, Elite +), we have you covered!

How it works

  1. Supplied easy to install data acquisition hardware monitors Knock vs RPM, Boost, AFR, Injector Duty Cycle
  2. PC Software processes this information against a user set threshold, and engine geometry (bore size)
  3. Software displays a chart showing when and where knock occurred, if any  – REAL TIME.
  4. All logs are recorded, so you can replay sound and visuals.

Tuning With Knock Monitor Pro

You would start off with retarded timing and boost and make a baseline ramp acceleration. Then slowly add in timing and boost while watching the waveform in the software. As timing or boost is increased the Knock Monitor will show if detonation is slowly creeping in. Excessive timing will definitely show knock. This is where you would remove some timing or boost and close the tune, with peace of mind knowing there is margin for safety.

Supported Vehicles

All fuel injected and carburettor vehicles are supported



  • Visual knock display
  • Detect inaudible detonation sound
  • Audible beep when knock occurs
  • listen raw or filtered engine sound
  • Sensitivity configurable
  • Configurable 5V inputs 
  • Save and replay recordings
  • View Logs and compare to EMS log
  • High precision
  • Bore size to frequency
  • Adjustable frequency window
  • Adjustable threshold
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Designed for even the beginner
  • Save and load configurations
  • Future releases at no extra charge
  • Hardware updateable
  • Exportable datalog