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Direct Port 4 Upgrade Kit

Direct Port 4 Upgrade Kit

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Direct Port Package

  • This kit uses all AN4 and AN3 style fittings and lines. 
  • Does NOT come with a tank
  • Does NOT come with a controller, solenoid nor anything before the solenoid 



3AN Nozzle Holder, With nozzles, 90 degree × 4

3AN PTFE Straight Fitting × 4

3AN To 1/8 NPT Male Straight Fitting × 4

Four Port Split Distribution Block × 1

4AN To 1/8 NPT Male Straight Fitting × 1
3AN Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose With 3AN Ends Installed  × 4
10.0" Long /w One Hose End Off

This upgrade package contains direct port fittings for 4 cylinders. This is recommended for those who want every last drop of reliable HP out of their system.

If running a non-turbocharged nitrous motor then a direct port is highly recommended over the standard package.


General tuning guide is given to all customers specific to their application

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