Knock Monitor Pro

Advanced Knock Detection

Why spend a fortune on knock detection hardware when you can get much more utility for less? Read about why this is so.

We know how important knock detection is to you. We also know how expensive the tools can be. This is why we created the knock detection dataloger – Knock Monitor Pro

Costs less than the rest, arguably the best!


How it works

  1. The software takes sound from your knock sensor and analyzes it with the data from our system
  2. Isolates knock sounds over regular engine sounds
  3. Finds knock with an RPM, Boost, and AFR reference. Knock detection meets datalogger!
  4. Displays a waveform with the processed signal showing spikes whenever knock occurs!
  5. Displays a graph showing the RPM, Boost, AFR, Engine combustion levels and of course, knock!
  6. Save and replay the recording  Рno need to do a second pull!

Supported Vehicles

View supported vehicles


  • Visualize and detect even the most inaudible detonation sounds
  • Audible beep when knock occurs, useful for road tuning (optional)
  • Datalogger
  • Differentiate false knock from other engine sounds
  • Sensitivity configurable
  • Not just whether it is knocking or not, but what RPM, Boost and AFR
  • Save and replay recordings
  • View Logs and compare to EMS log
  • High precision
  • 2 sensor input support
  • Bore size to frequency
  • Adjustable frequency window
  • Adjustable threshold
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Designed for even the beginner
  • Save and load configurations
  • Future releases at no extra charge
  • Hardware updateable



Microsoft Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10