TN Traction Control

Traction Control Unit

TN Traction Control monitors your powered and unpowered wheel speeds to detect slip and reduce power to gain more grip. This can be the edge you need to win your races.


How it works

This system uses your ABS sensors to gather wheel speed data. Once the a powered wheel is spinning faster than the unpowered wheel, the system recognizes the slip. It then refers to the programmed traction strategy to determine how much, if any, power reduction is necessary.


  • 3D Table
    •  MPH vs Slip vs Power reduction duty
  • 2D Table
    • Strictly for drag racing, limits your rpm until the undriven wheel catches up.
  • Graphs
    • Visualize live data (slip, RPM, MPH, real MPH, Duty, Acceleration, etc)
  • Performance Stats
    • Are you getting faster with each setting change? Your 60ft., all the way
      to 1/4 time can be recorded.
  • Shift Points
    • If you are banging the limiter and your shift light comes on, is it really time to shift?
      this screen allows you to



This system is compatible with the following platforms:

  • Any distributor based engine that is controlled via an ECU/EFI (eg: muscle V8 ).
  • Honda ODB1 systems running Hondata, eCtune, Neptune, HTS, with or without coil on plug systems.
  • Hondata K series managed ECUs
  • Aftermarket ODB1 ECUs using distributor as output
  • Any ECU that accepts 5V input to do ignition retard *
  • Any ECU that has full throttle shift as input *

* These platforms may not get the best results.

Speed sensor required:

  • ABS sensors (active sensors are not yet supported)
    • These compatible sensors are found on most pre-2004 vehicles
  • Xenocron rear speed sensor (if no ABS sensor)
    • If ABS sensors are impossible to locate or install, you may use 1 rear hall-effect speed sensor that reads the studs off the undriven wheel hub.
    • Only 2D (Drag) mode is supported when this sensor is used.


3D Traction Duty 


2D Traction (Drag Launch) 

Performance Stats


  • Can this work with other systems using coil on plug?  
    • Yes. If the ECU has a mapping for analogue voltage input and timing retard per volts, then some control is possible.
  • How does it control traction in Odb1 Honda?
    • The unit takes over the ignition and retards or cuts a cylinder or few when necessary.
  • How many inputs does this device require? 
    • In Standard operation 3 VR style ABS sensors are required.
    • In other modes of operation 1 sensor on the undriven wheel is required