Knock Control Unit

Knock Control Unit

Retrofit your Honda B/D/H series ECU with a configurable knock control system.
Designed to be Integrated with Honda Tuning Suite (HTS), this system provides both reactive and memorized knock control and protection.

How it works
Knock detection on this device is completely automatic. It reads MAP or TPS and RPM to memorize the conditions under which knock occurred. It then sends out a 0 to 3.3v signal that corresponds to the intensity of knock per the given RPM/MAP/TPS condition. It will constantly monitor and when it detects that conditions are favorable it will reduce the output voltage appropriately. It’s up to the user to configure their tuning software (HTS) to determine how many degrees of timing is reduced per volt.

This user configurable interface allows you to view knock activity as well as memorized knock controlled zones.

  • Configurable bore size
  • Amplitude and filter
  • Knock count increment and decrement counters
  • Map or TPS threshold

HTS Example
HTS has a dedicated Knock Control parameter. See example below where we
specified timing retard as voltage increases (0 to 3.3V max, 5V range not supported by device)

Neptune Example
We can use Neptune’s Sensor Adjustment option (used for flex fuel) as knock control input. See example below:

What’s Included

  • 1x Knock Control Unit
  • 1x Bosch Knock Sensor
  • 1x Wire harness
  • 1x USB cable


  • Can this work with other ECUs? Yes. As long as the ECU has a mapping for analog voltage input and timing retard per volts.
  • Does this produce audio recording or logs? No, that feature is reserved for the Knock Monitor Pro.
  • How many inputs does this device require? Requires 2 inputs: Knock sensor and RPM. Optional are TPS/MAP sensor.